Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: the Passion Fruits

Rachel here: Ok, so assuming that you can judge people by their blogs, Luke and Joe of The Passion Fruits are nothing short of fabulous. When I read their blog I am so busy salivating that I forget to feel completely and utterly inferior in the kitchen. I mean, these two can cook. And by cook I don't mean they occasionally go all out in the kitchen, but rather that these two seem to give thought and energy to every meal, be it scrambled eggs (which, to my taste, they seem to make to perfection) or a cake. Like my mom and I, Luke and Joe often embark on little challenges/duels to incorporate the same ingredient into a meal and there is certainly plenty of banter and commentary on their fellow cooking buddy along the way. They can write as well and the end result of perusing their blog for me is usually both a sudden increase in appetite along with a desire to figure out a way to get invited over for one of their fantastic looking and sounding dinner menus.

Janet here: Rachel pretty much summed it up except I will add this: Their Easter cook-off is hysterical, complete with bunny peeps. I wish these guys lived near me. I would want to eat with them all the time.

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