Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For Elsa

Rachel here.

Food, obviously, keeps us going. When we are healthy, eating well gives us the energy we need to get up and go and it supports our body in its daily rejuvenation.

When we are sick, though, sometimes we need more than good food. Sometimes we need a lot more.

We are interrupting our usual programming here today to ask you all to join us in donating blood and platelets to the Red Cross. There is a sweet and silly little toddler named Elsa who we are quite fond of and who needs all of the help she can get kicking Leukemia's butt. Blood cannot be donated directly to her, but click here to find a blood drive near you. The more blood and platelets available in banks, the better for people like Elsa who are busy showing cancer who's boss.

I do not know where nourishment of the ephemeral variety comes from. In case hope is carried through wind streams, though, drifting through the air until it finds the body it's been sent for, please join us also in sending hope and strength, laughter and fight into the ether that it may find Elsa and her family and help keep them warm.

Now stop reading and click on this link. Elsa and many, many other people need our help.

Take good care of yourselves and each other. And remember that we are lucky, each of us and every day.

1 comment:

  1. thank you rachel. you are the best.

    and janet. your baking. it is truly a revelation.

    john is sitting on the couch across from me, whining, "why don't we live close to them? why'd they put themselves on an island out there in california so far away from us? tell them. tell them to move here."

    we are funny friends, eh? you and your john and maxine. me and my john and elsa. i like it.