Thursday, September 16, 2010

Food for Thought Thursdays: Feeling Full

Rachel here: In the days before M's arrival, John and I spent Saturdays in our kitchen together. Sometimes I'd cook, sometimes we'd both cook, but what felt important--what was important--was that we spent that time together, focused on feeding ourselves well physically in the upcoming week and in feeding our relationship through this weekly pause together. We'd talk and cook, sometimes listening to talk radio. The best, though, was when our friend Brian gave us new music of his.

John and Brian have always been friends (always). Getting to be friends with Brian (and his phenomenal wife--one of my best, best friends--and super awesome daughter) has been one of the great gifts of being with John. The music Brian makes is, in turn, one of the great gifts of knowing Brian. Brian makes music that articulates feelings I stumble to find words for, grasps moments that slip through my fingers. Ethereal and concrete, brave and intimate--the arrival in our kitchen of new music from Brian has always been cause for excitement in our house.

Today, it is my distinct pleasure to direct your attention to Brian's blog (click here). He has a new album out (called "Call")and, for the first time, he and John have teamed up with John illustrating each of the five singles Brian is releasing (a sample is our illustration for this post). The album is awesome and so are John's singles covers.

Spending the day in the kitchen with my best friend and true love, preparing food to fill our bellies while Brian's music filled our ears--this is as full as I've ever been and I feel incredibly lucky for such sustenance.

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