Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oatmeal for All

Hey Ma-

So, the weather has taken a turn (generally) for the cool and crisp which leaves me wanting a warm breakfast. One of my favorite things to eat on a chilly morning is steel-cut oatmeal. It takes a while to cook, though, which is a luxury most mornings don't afford me these days.

My solution to this issue was to bake a giant batch on Sunday morning and chill it for the week. Now, each morning I scoop an individual portion into a bowl, add a teeny bit of water, throw it in the microwave for a few minutes and then add whatever seems yummy, from dried fruit to brown sugar to peanut butter. It's been a nice thing to wake up to this week so far and I think I'll pause my weekly granola baking for the time being in favor of this warm and wintry way to start my day.

Do you do anything differently now that the weather's cool? Or, are you still eating granola and yogurt?

Also, M is eating oatmeal these days. She eats hers for dinner, though, and absolutely LOVES it. I promised you a video a few weeks back. I swear I'll post it for you to see here SOON.


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