Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Rice Pudding-ish Breakfast

Rachel here.

Back in the day (because we've been blogging for a while now so, you know, we can say things like that) we used to write about breakfast here with some regularity. My mom had S in the house still and M hadn't risen to her benevolent dictatorship yet and we had breakfast on the brain. Since S left for college, though, and M arrived, breakfast has received short shrift around these parts. Today, I rectify this problem by offering up this little recipe I concocted this morning.

There are days when M eats whatever we put in front of her and then there are days where she rejects the very same food she inhaled two days prior. The only real constant that we've found is brown rice. The kid, quite simply, loves it. Handfuls at a time, she smacks it to her gaping mouth, delighting in munching on the pieces that get in and marveling at gravity's work on the pieces that don't. Brilliantly, John thought to make a ton of brown rice over the weekend. We, quite literally, have tupperware after tupperware brimming with the stuff in our refrigerator. It's made life that much simpler and, you know, simple can be spectacular.

We've been instructed to help M pack on the pounds which has led us towards whole milk yogurt. Ugh--it's so creamy and so tangy and so, so delicious.

So here's what I whipped up today for M. Much to my delight, she rejected it and I got to eat the whole plate. I'm officially adding it to my breakfast/lunch/snack/whenever repertoire because it was absolutely delicious in addition to being super healthy.

I mashed 4 super ripe blackberries and half a banana together before sprinkling a tablespoon or so of flax meal over the fruit and then tossing in a handful of cold, cooked brown rice. I covered everything with yogurt, mixed until it was the fabulous pink that blackberries stain things and then, as soon as M refused it, devoured every last drop.


And that, my friends, is a rice pudding-ish breakfast for you.

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