Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Rachel here.

So, I was going to post about a chicken dish. I had big plans to make this apple cider chicken with roasted onions and apples for dinner tonight. But then I didn't pull the chicken from the freezer in time and our microwave kicked the bucket this morning, so instead we found ourselves staring at a frozen hunk of meat at 5 o'clock. Maxine has to eat by 5:30 or else all hell breaks loose, so doing some sort of slow thaw under hot water was simply not an option.

So, we did what we city folk do when there's a culinary malfunction. We piled our kid into her stroller and set out, meandering a few blocks from home to eat slices of pizza and drink pints of beer (ok, Max wasn't invited for that last part) and draw on the giant chalkboard all at our local pizzeria.

And you know what? It was awesome in that way that unexpected breaks are.

But stay tuned. Because really, I've got plans for that chicken and I'm pretty sure they're going to pan out mighty tastily.

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  1. What beer did you have? these are the IMPORTANT details, so says Mike TGBG