Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Duh! Playdough!

Rachel here.

Have I mentioned that we have a toddler on our hands? Because we do. And by on our hands I, of course, mean overflowing from our hands.

M is on the go. She is up and down and twirling around from the moment she hollers to let us know she's awake to a few minutes after her exhausted parents tuck her into bed at night. She wants to do, too. She wants to tap, smell, twist and pinch. She wants to listen and examine and high-five everything and anything. And this means that we are on an endless quest for activities to do with her.

Enter playdough.

The last time we made the stuff was several years ago now with our other favorite kid, Sister Frances the Jedi Princess. Needless to say, we needed a brush-up on the recipe.

Umm...there are a LOT of recipes online.

I landed on and clicked through to the edible playdough recipe. It called for a package of kool-aid which, much to my surprise and horror, existed in our house. So I embarked on the recipe and ten minutes later we were all rolling bright red doughy balls in our hands.

And here's the thing: kool-aid doesn't stain your hands nearly as much as food coloring.

Here's the other thing: it smells really good.

And a few days later? Our playdough is going strong. It isn't dried out one bit. And that's just awesome.

3 tspn. cream of tartar
1 c. flour
1 c. water
1 package of kool-aid
1 tblspn. cooking oil
1/2 c. salt

Mix dry ingredients in a medium pan. Add water and oil. Stir over medium heat until doughy.

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