Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: Simply Breakfast

Janet here:
Without a doubt, my favorite meal to eat out is breakfast. At home, I eat basically the same breakfast day in and day out — yogurt with granola, the only variation being the kind of yogurt I eat. Breakfast is something to be done with, to get over, so I can start my day of running around and busyness.

But eating out means stepping outside the breakfast box and allowing myself the pleasure of eating a decadent meal that is far beyond anything I would ever contemplate making for myself. It means slowing down and savoring. Because it's so unusual, it seems so much more special. I mean, people meet for dinner but how often do we meet for breakfast (and I mean as in meet, not as in agree to have coffee to discuss some kind of business idea)? The answer, simply put, is not enough.

So we were intrigued to discover Simply Breakfast, a blog devoted to this much-maligned meal. Not only is it devoted to just breakfast, but it's also basically just photos of breakfast: beautiful photos that make me want to sit down to that table wherever it is and eat the wonderful goodies Jennifer Causey has meticulously created and then lovingly photographed.

Rachel here: Jennifer Causey, it seems, photographs her breakfast most days (as opposed to, say, eating her cereal standing at the counter while working on homework). With virtually no text and no explanation of her project, those of us following her posts are allowed to create our own fantasy context for her delicious looking meals. It's a really good idea, I think, in that she is both sharing her own experience and inviting viewers to create their own, thereby rendering a sort of shared meal. Plus, most days her breakfasts look pretty doable which serves as a good reminder to me that really, eggs and toast can be so satisfying and just take a few minutes longer than combining yogurt and granola. I guess what I'm always left thinking after looking at Jen's photos is that breakfast is one of the signals we give ourselves for how our day will go and that I am worth starting the day with a little bit of thought and effort (and not just on weekends, when at least in my house, breakfast is often quite a production). What do her photos bring to mind for you?

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