Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry

Rachel here: When my mom directed my attention towards Kate and her blog Savour Fare and I went to check the blog out and was greeted by a recipe for mashed potatoes with broccoli, I knew this was a woman I could get behind. Mashed potatoes are one of my comfort foods and I appreciate any person who spends time experimenting with this pillowy pile of goodness outside of major holidays. As I perused further, my respect only grew. Kate has an interest and determination to cook and enjoy good food that I can relate to as a busy partner and mom-to-be. She has cooked throughout her life, undeterred by law school or motherhood and, through this, the possibility for all of us to eat well seems just a little bit more attainable. Plus, her blog features recipes from pork to plum pie; Kate makes jam and she makes risotto. Her site is a concise little cookbook in its own right and I highly recommend checking it out for inspiration, both psychical and culinary. We'd be sharing a few tempting pictures and a sample recipe (most likely the mashed potatoes I mentioned above), but alas we weren't on our game this weekend and didn't contact Kate in time to go about sharing stuff from her site in all of the right and respectful ways (you know, with her permission). We apologize and suggest just taking a leap of faith and clicking the link over to her site. We're pretty sure you'll be glad you did.


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