Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: Not Derby Pie

Rachel here: This week we're bringing back the blogs to Tuesdays (we've been featuring books for the past few weeks) and excited to do so with Not Derby Pie, a blog that my dear friend Jessica directed my attention towards. In the name of full disclosure, Jessica is friends with Rivka, the lady at the helm in the Not Derby Pie kitchen. This, however, is not why she steered me towards Rivka's site. No, she steered me towards Rivka's blog because it's AWESOME.

First of all, the girl can cook. I mean, I haven't tasted anything actually, but there is no way that with the breadth and variety that she embarks upon in her kitchen that she can't. Plus, her photographs are gorgeous, her recipes are clear and her general attitude towards cooking (you know, that it's fun and that normal people do it) is entertaining and endearing. She seems adventurous and excited about her culinary undertakings, a feeling I can totally relate to and appreciate. Anyway, I highly recommend clicking over to Rivka's blog and giving her some love. I'm confident you'll be glad that you did and a little hungrier for having perused her photographs and recipes as well.

Janet here: And I fell in love, love, love with her photos. Frankly, just about everybody who's doing a food blog has us beat in that category, but until we move up a notch technologically, I'm just going to have to have food photo envy. Rivka's post on Caesar Salad yesterday made me want to jump into the bowl. Seriously!

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