Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: Lost Addicts

Rachel here: Usually on Tuesdays when we write about either a blog or a book that makes us hungry we are referring to the kind of appetite that can only be sated through consuming food. Today, though, "hungry" is being utilized in broader terms as part of our Lost themed week of posts. The hunger that Lost Addicts Blog leaves me with is one that can only be filled by quality time in front of my television.

Ok, so there are a million Lost blogs. I didn't count when I was trolling, but there were pages and pages and pages that came up. They cover a broad variety of Lost-related topics, ranging from focusing on specific characters to message boards that contain straight up fights over various plot points. While my mom and I are certainly obsessed (John is, too, along with my brothers), we really pale in comparison to some of the folks out there.

Mike Vitullo's Lost Addicts Blog, though, emerged as one of my favorites. Quite informal, it is also very thorough (**it contains spoilers if you aren't up-to-date in your viewing**) and clearly written with love for the show. Filled with postulation on the significance of various events and people, I found myself blissfully lost (ha ha) while reading it this morning. It's my first day of summer vacation and I really can't think of a better blog assignment to take on over breakfast (strawberries, flax seeds and yogurt...you know, to throw some food into the mix since this is a food blog). Anyway, if you're all caught up in your viewing and looking for a site that draws lots of connections between episodes from seasons back and now, then definitely click on over to Mike's blog.

Janet here: The only reason I handed over the assignment of finding a Lost blog to feature on BTMUH Tuesdays is that I actually have a job to do and I knew myself well enough to know that I would would get sucked into this Lost vortex the way Juliette got sucked down that well during the hydrogen bomb explosion and that would mean nothing productive got done. So I can't even allow myself to check out this blog until, well, until it's the weekend because I can't trust myself. So there it is.

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