Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food for Thought Thursdays: The Adventurous Eater Leaves Home

Rachel here: My brothers G and S are such satisfying siblings to me that--unlike most girls I know!--I have never wanted sisters, never even wondered about having them. Each of my brothers offers me incredible company in his own way and has shaped me immeasurably. This post, though, is about S in particular. It is for S and from me as he prepares to go off to college. Here goes...

I was going to write a memory about you, S, a food memory to pause in before you go forth into the next chapter of your life. There are too many to choose from, though (you've always been an adventurous eater). We have had countless meals together, relished myriad treats. Instead, I am going to offer you a little piece of food advice.

In my experience, how well I am taking care of myself in general is mirrored in how I'm eating. When I am conscious of what food I am putting into my body, when I am thoughtful about eating balanced, I find I become a more balanced person in the rest of my life. Eating poorly is really easy to do in college. The thing is, though, that so is eating well if you just choose to. G and I struggled with college during our respective first attempts and this struggle was evident in the ways we chose to sustain our bodies. I know you are intrigued by and in pursuit of a mindful existence and it seems to me that if you can remain aware of how you're eating, the rest will fall into place quite nicely for you. You have a phenomenal brain, S, and a body that is young and strong. Care for yourself physically and psychically you have no ceiling.

I cannot believe you are going off to college. What a lucky school! Though we haven't lived together for some time now, I still will miss you as you disappear from the surroundings I know you in, only to reappear in them with the scent of adventure and unknown spaces faint in your air. I am excited for you and know that the openness you've always had for food is a mere symptom of the openness you possess as a person. This openness is one of your greatest strengths, one I both admire and, at times, envy. So remember to eat your fruits and vegetables and know always that I love you with all of my heart.

Janet here: I had planned to add to this lovely post, but I think I will leave this as Rachel's note to her brother. I get kind of stuck at the part where S, our youngest and our last to leave, is going. XO


  1. Oh my. What a beautiful post. I know the joy/sadness/joy/sadness of having your youngest leave home. Such beautiful words for your brother, Rachel, and I know that meant as much to your Mom and as to S. Beautiful words, but wise too. Good luck to you, S!