Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Stuffed Cookie Chronicles

I took one for our blogging team this week, making several variations on the stuffed cookie idea that's been percolating in the webosphere in recent weeks. It's a tough job but someone had to do it.

Jenny over at Picky Palate is the person who apparently started this food phenomenon. And if you want to see some of her concoctions, please click here (after reading our post I certainly hope).

I decided to go beyond Oreos (because, really, once you start contemplating stuffing a chocolate chip cookie, why stop with just one of your favorite food items?) and stuffed some with Reese's peanut butter cups and some with mini-Heath bars. It was one of my wiser moves.

You start with your standard chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. (I've included the link to Rachel's here because as you know she is — for now — the chocolate chip cookie queen in our duo and I am feeling magnanimous.) Patsy changed hers slightly to include more flour and more vanilla (always a good idea in general I've found). I followed hers to see what it was like, but think I might amend this going forward to use a little less flour. While you need a lot of dough to cover your stuffings, I felt like this was a little drier than I'd like. Here's what they look like before you play with the dough a bit to cover them entirely.

Admit it--you're salivating just a little bit right now aren't you?

Now, slight dryness (to my palate anyway) aside, this is not to say that these were not edible by ANY stretch of the imagination. Peter grabbed one out of the oven and swooned (although he did comment on the dryness the next day — after he ate three of them, which begs the question of how dry is dry).

I also served them up to the ladies of the Wild Women Reading Book Club and here are just couple of their comments:

That chocolate chip cookie/Oreo combination was a childhood dream come true. The only question is whether you still try to unscrew the Oreo and eat the vanilla cream first and save the chocolate chip cookie outside for last.

Janet, your cookie was quite the experience! Having selected the cookie stuffed with Reeses peanut butter cup, I should've known to wait until I made it home and enjoy it with a milk chaser. But no, no sooner does Tracy step out of my car, than I grab the baggy and start gobbling this huge, super soft and sweet cookie. I tried to stop two thirds into it so I would have something to look forward to when I arrived home, but I lacked the required self control. I wish I had asked for a second cookie but having just met you didn't want to come across as greedy. So big thumbs up on your stuffed cookie but I do recommend having beverage handy!

So clearly the overall vote is a yes for stuffed chocolate chip cookies, a recipe I'm obviously going to need to devote more time to fine tuning. As I said earlier, a tough job....

What do you recommend we try stuffing next?

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