Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, M.

Rachel here.

A year ago, John and I scheduled a dinner party for the evening of June 17th. Good and pregnant, I figured one last hoorah as non-parental types was in order. I also secretly thought it might inspire M to make an early appearance. It was hot and I was sick of my stomach sticking to my thighs when I sat, creaking as it detached itself when I stood.

Anyway, I went into labor on the morning of June 17th. We'd bought all the food for our little soiree, though, and so John spent the day distracting himself by preparing all of the food anyway. He made pesto chicken salad, ice cream and blueberry pie. After M was born on June 18th, we were itching to get home and eat all of this delicious food. Immediately we began planning the blueberry pie we'd make for her this year to celebrate her one year birthday.

The best laid plans never work, right? We had the camera and the video camera set up to capture that classic first birthday shot where the kid is positively covered in their treat. She was wearing nothing but a diaper. M wasn't having it, though, not even a taste. More for her parents, we figure.

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