Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry

Rachel here: So, with two weeks of blogging under our belts, we've decided it's time to up the ante a bit and shoot for 5 posts a week. Our first weekly addition to this little blog of ours is going to be titled "Blogs That Make Us Hungry" and will be posted every Tuesday. This will be a space in which we share with you, our dear readers, blogs that are, if you will, whetting our appetites. To kick this segment off, we are featuring Bakerella.

I want Bakerella (her real name isn't listed on her website which, frankly, I think is awesome...it's like she has a super hero baking alter ego!) to be my best friend. Partly this is because I want to go to her house and eat everything she makes. The other reason, though, is that I really admire people with unbridled enthusiasm for what they do and, as you'll see when you check out her website, this woman has a deep and inspired passion for sugar. Everything she makes is clearly approached with a great deal of thought and her execution is awe-inspiring. Plus, her tee-shirts are just plain awesome. Anyway, in case it isn't clear yet, I have a serious blog/baking/friend crush on Bakerella and I think you will, too (assuming you like sugar...which, for your sake, I hope you do).

Janet here: And if being a sweets fan to beat the band isn't enough, Bakerella is also the maker of the cake pop.I mean, seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute? Who wouldn't want to pop one (or six) of these in their mouths?

I don't know if she sells them, but she should. While I love to bake, there is no way I have the patience or artistic ability to pull one of these off. Grandparents would be eternally grateful to be able to send these once a month to their favorite grandchild. You can get the recipe for the snowman right here. She also makes, and generously gives directions for, a slew of others to celebrate just about every holiday you can imagine. Click here to see her magic.

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