Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry

Rachel and Janet here: So, for this week's installment of BTMUH we are featuring Tartelette, a blog by Helene Dujardin with photographs that literally make our mouths water. In addition to being an experienced pastry chef (which is how she earned the nickname "Tartelette" amongst her family), Dujardin is also a food stylist and photographer (amongst other talents) which helps explain why literally every picture on her blog looks good enough to eat. Click on the link and get ready to ooh and ahh.

While she certainly focuses on sugar (and, evidently, so do we when it comes to BTMUH), her blog also includes a handful of absolutely scrumptious looking savory recipes, including one for Bacon, Onion and Parsley Tartelettes that neither of us can get out of our heads. Clearly we are going to have to attempt this one sometime in the near future.

Beyond being beautiful and French and phenomenally talented, one of the things that drew us into Dujardin's blog was her manner of writing, both excited and vulnerable in turns and always ringing through with a certain sincerity for her subject (be it her husband or cakes). We aspire to be focused on the smaller moments in our days, to recognize and savor the little experiences that are so easy to breeze past. Dujardin does the same and we hope you enjoy joining her in her pauses..and her fabulously photographed world.

P.S.: For those of you following Bakerella, too, we just discovered that we're both featuring Tartelette this week. We had no idea!

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