Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grilled Cheese (yes, again)

Janet here:

Regular readers may remember that I informed Rachel here that I expected this delectable little goody from the most recent Food Network Magazine on my plate sometime during our week together in California. I am happy to report that we did, indeed, have this most amazing grilled cheese sandwich with my curried butternut squash soup, and that it was as tasty as the picture suggested.

So tasty in fact, that I made it again last night, not even one week after having it the first time so that G could have a taste. This time I served it with potato, leek and bacon soup. The key is getting good bread — I used sourdough each time — and sliced it myself to make sure the slabs were nice and thick.

Rachel here:

Seriously? Grilled cheese, categorically speaking, is one of the good things in life. On sliced bread and with tomato soup, it's an excellent end to a long day or a satisfying lunch when you're in from the cold. The grilled cheese sandwiches that my mom demanded when she visited, though, are almost too good to be true, though. The cheese! The bacon! The bread! The thousand island dressing! My mouth is watering just recalling that dinner. I'm officially going to make vats of her curried butternut squash soup (so, so so so good) and keep the ingredients for this grilled cheese version on hand so that we can have a simple, satisfying, delicious and just a wee bit decadent dinner at the drop of a hat. I'm pretty sure this is something you all should do, too.


  1. Grilled Cheese and Butternut Squash Soup? Sounds like a great combination for great Belgian-style beer... maybe something like Unibroue out of Chambly, QC Canada or one of the classic strong Belgian ales, like Rochefort 10? Just my 2 cents... ;)

  2. This looks so. Good.

    One of my favorites is Grilled Cheese with thinly sliced apples and extra sharp cheese, on lightly buttered raisin bread...I usually despise raisins (because they're shady...they've too often tricked me into thinking they were chocolate chips) but oh, they are good in this particular combo.

  3. Alicia....this sounds great. Definitely going to try it, and we totally agree with you on the raisin thing. They're just unnatural :)

  4. are you sending us some of this fabulous beer so we have another excuse to make this incredible grilled cheese wonderfulness?

  5. HAHAHA I could send you guys some... although I must admit, I've been in a brewing slump. My last few batches have just been OK and not AMAZING! I am, however, planning on entering the Sam Adams Long Shot Competition with the lighter beer you guys tried from my beer dinner (that later went on to win a gold medal)... Winning this would be, well, a long shot, but it would be worth entering!!