Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: Dinner: A Love Story

Rachel here: Ok, so every Tuesday the blog or book that we feature is one that my ma and I feel fond of. This week, though, we're directing your attention towards Dinner: A Love Story. To say that I'm fond of this blog would be an understatement; I straight up have the hots for it. While I wish I could say that my mom or I were cool enough to know about this blog before the New York Times wrote their article about it, that's simply not true. However, I really don't care. Like the best of junior high crushes, now that Dinner: A Love Story has caught my eye, there will be no diverting my attention away from it.

Jenny (the mastermind behind DALS...who I officially have a friend crush on) has created a web haven for parents with her blog, a place where you are permitted--scratch that, EXPECTED--to serve frozen pizza for dinner sometimes and where her only goal is to encourage you to keep fighting to cook more dinners than not. M's diet consists only of breast milk and this already seems daunting to me...I can only imagine the difficulties presented when say, M starts informing me that she doesn't CARE for a particular meal/food group/color of food/food arrangement etc. Jenny focuses on dinners as doable and has created a website filled with delicious and accessible ideas.

My secret favorite thing, though, about Jenny is that she has written down every dinner she's eaten for well over a decade. While DALS is nothing short of a brilliant contribution to the food blogosphere, it is this idiosyncratic component to her inspiration for it that makes my heart skip a beat. I love nothing more than a good list, than a mini deconstructed documentation of a moment. I have been making them myself for as long as I can remember (my diary from first grade is filled with lists: favorite books, things my brother does that bother me, who I should invite to my wedding...yup, I'm a planner) and I can't imagine I'll ever stop. They are brain-clearing and moment-capturing, a reminder of the fleetingness of each mood and desire, an imprint of everything passing. This is where DALS originates for Jenny and it makes me really, really happy.

Anyway, check Dinner: A Love Story out. You just might swoon like I did.

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