Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: Veganville

Janet here: A friend tipped me off to the wild world of Veganville and I was immediately addicted. The author, Gigi, is unafraid to tell her world like it is, but it's so refreshing. And as a vegetarian myself, I am always so impressed by vegans; it's just so much harder to take that extra step of omission — no eggs! no dairy! — in my mind. Vegans make vegetarians kind of seem like wusses I think.

Veganville is not a blog of food porn where you're going to see high-end photography or even high level recipes. But what you will see is a regular person just throwing it all out there and making it real, and I just find that incredibly appealing.

Rachel here: The thing about veganism is that it can be super delicious (see my chocolate cake post here). As a carnivore, this is easy to forget. Gigi's blog is a great reminder, though, that eating super conscientiously can be not only delicious, but accessible, too. Plus, she's a Bay Area girl...and, you know, I generally think we rock.

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  1. Dear Janet and Rachel-
    I was going to post anonymously, but what the hay. I love your blog and taste in other blogs. Yes, sometimes just plain vegetarians can be wusses, but at least they are moving closer to the vegan party line. Cudos on your chocolate cake, Rachel. GiGi does rock...wait a minute why is my name coming up GiGi???