Monday, July 5, 2010

A Voice from the Past

Janet here: We're taking a bit of a hiatus this week as I head across America to visit Rachel and the new M! (Eventually I will write M's name without an ! but since she's only 2 weeks old and my first grandchild, I am entitled to a few more !!!!) Anyway we won't be doing our usual posts but we will have a few goodies to keep in touch and will come back with our regular posts next week.

So up first this week is this little number from Schott's Original Miscellany. We're trivia fans in this family so Schott's Original Miscellany is a popular book in our house and has a place of glory in our bathroom. (Enough said about that!)

Anyway among the many wonderful tidbits in the book are these maxims from Mrs. Beeton's Everyday Cookery, a 19th century book of culinary rules. She claimed that "if the novice will commit them to memory she will have before her the fundamental truths of the art of cookery." I won't list them all, but what do you think? Are these the fundamental truths or a bunch of hokum?

1. There is no work like early work.
2. Clear as you go. Muddle makes more muddle.
3. Dirty saucepans filled with hot water begin to clean themselves. (I wish!)
4. Wash well a saucepan, but clean a frying pan with a piece of bread.
5. Search for the insects in greens before putting them in to soak.
6. One egg, beaten well, is worth two not beaten.
7. Water boils when it gallops, oil when it is still.
8. When using ketchup, be sparing with salt.
9. A good manager looks ahead.

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