Friday, October 1, 2010

Breakfast Treats

Hey Rachel

Your post about going out for breakfast as a treat to yourself certainly rang true with me. For some reason eating breakfast out is more special to me than eating dinner at a restaurant (although don't get me wrong, I enjoy that as well). I think part of the reason is because I love breakfast food — omelets, , bacon, pancakes, bacon, eggs Benedict, waffles, bacon (oh oops did I say that already?) — but I NEVER make anything like that for myself for breakfast. Ever. And I hardly ever partake of those goodies even when I make them for other people in my very own kitchen.

What is up with THAT?

Not only that but, as you very well know, I have eaten the very same breakfast for just about every day of my adult life: Dannon coffee yogurt and granola. As a committed Weight Watcher, I now only allow myself coffee yogurt a few times a week and instead eat Stonyfield organic non-fat yogurt with granola the other mornings.

While having habits isn't a bad thing per se, I suspect that a counselor might smile a bit and nod her head knowingly if I told her this little scenario and ask something like, "Why don't you allow yourself to eat something you enjoy and that, by the way, is good for you?"

Or something like that.

Food for thought....


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