Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not Fair

Rachel: I'm so glad my cake pop flop inspired you to do some baking, although I have to admit I was looking forward to hearing about G eating a VEGETABLE stir-fry, especially since the stir-fry apparently included KALE. I mean how unfair is that? This is the child who for years hid one of the two tiny florets of broccoli I would give him. The only vegetables he ate, besides potatoes, until he was about 8 was what served as "vegetables" in cans of Dinty Moore beef stew.

Of course G did establish early on that he would try vegetables other people besides me cooked. I remember the summer he came home from Camp Nyack and Michele mentioned in passing that G ate edamame. Edamame????? Really???? Are you kidding me???? That would have been a big fat, "No" if I had tried to serve that up, no matter how much salt I put on it.

I got past taking it personally (mostly), but I wonder how you will feel when M decides she's absolutely not putting something you worked hard on creating past her lips. As the Nana, I, of course, will never make her eat anything she doesn't want, and she will always get dessert. :)

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