Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Day After World Pasta Day, or My Birthday in Food

Hey Ma-

Woh...you made pasta sauce from scratch? After this post? I'm just saying...you were pretty close to life AK when you wrote that. I shouldn't bust on you, though, and instead should welcome you back to the land of homemade pasta sauce. It's a really nice place to hang out.

So, I know I told you that I made chicken pot pie from scratch this weekend. I did and I have a whole blog post about it coming your way. I was going to share it with you today (lets just say this was an epic evening in the kitchen...I took a photo--no wait, THREE photos--of the mess I made...and yes, there were three photos taken because that's how many it took to really encompass the aftermath), but then my birthday happened yesterday and it was so freaking filled with food that I had to tell you about it.

So, first, M got the go ahead to start eating real foods. We bought her baby oatmeal, mixed it with a ton of breast milk, and John and G and I sat down with her on the floor and let her have her first go with non-liquid food (thanks to my auntie Kaja--who blogged here for giving M her first spoon!). You saw what she did when allowed to gnaw/suck on a plum...she was BESIDE herself this evening with cereal. G took a video and I'll try to get it up here soon so you can see it.

Speaking of G, he and I had lunch together today which was really, really, really special. It's been so nice having him here and I'm beyond touched that he chose to stay through my birthday before heading onto his next adventure. It's been years since I was with any of you guys on my birthday, a fact that I kept remembering while he and I ate.

The creme de la creme, though (I think I didn't write that right...), is my birthday present from John. As we speak my homemade birthday apple pie is in the oven (it's so tall I don't know how he fit it in there) and he's making burgers and artichokes (my request...I understand Dad made you the same thing for your birthday? OH--and that he GAVE YOU A COOKING LESSON?!? Obviously you're forbidden from using anything you learn on the blog...that would be like cheating...just kidding, that sounds super fun) for dinner. My present from him, though, is insanely awesome.

What? You can't read that? It says:
Hello my dear!
It is your birthday! And I'm gonna feed you!
Three meals!
This Friday!

Oh, you can't read this either? It's the inside of my card and IT'S A MENU. This Friday I will be eating (you should probably get a bucket to collect drool in before reading any further...):

Breakfast: Homemade sausage, roasted potatoes, 2 eggs over medium with a toasted baguette
Lunch: Pate on baguette with gherkins and small salad
Dinner: Appetizer- greek cheese with pears
Soup: pumpkin
Main- roasted duck breast with caramelized figs and port wine demi glaze
Dessert- chocolate pot du creme

Yeah, it's going to be awesome. Clearly, the moral of the story is that no one should call me Friday because I will be eating aaaaaaallllllll day long. I'm a lucky lady.

Alright, off to my dinner now. Wish you were here. I love you.



  1. oh, OH! you should use a bib if M is eating real food! (omg, i can't believe i haven't met her in real life yet, and she's already eating real food!) and, whaddayaknow? she has one!! xoxo <3

    happy birthday R, te adorno.

  2. Happy B-day Rachel! Wow enjoy your birthday meals by hubby!