Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bakerella Cake Pop Cookbook Giveaway!

Regular readers know Rachel and I are fans of Bakerella, the Cake Pop Queen. We first wrote about her as a Blogs That Make Us Hungry feature here and last week, I publicly embarrassed myself chronicling my own cake pop flop here.

But my failure as a cake pop star should not be taken as the norm. If you love Bakerella and desperately want to learn how to make cake pops in your very own home, this could be your lucky week. Just leave a comment with your email about why you want to make cake pops and we'll choose one lucky winner to receive Cake Pops, Tips, Tricks and Recipes for More than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats from Chronicle Books. My own inadequacies aside, the book is filled with helpful directions and pictures to ensure that you are a cake pop star and the envy of all you see. Let the giveaway begin!


  1. These would be a wonderful way for my nieces and nephews and I to spend some time together in the kitchen creating goodies for Christmas. They love Helping and seeing the final product.
    smgb245 at gmail dot com

  2. After your bakerella debacle, I am scared, very scared but would still like to enter this giveaway.

  3. My daughter and I love to bake together - this looks like a fun way to spend more time together!

  4. Hi Rachel and Jake! First let me say that I read your blog on the regular and love not only your recipes but that I can see how you are both doing. Also I am so excited that you are giving this book away; I've been planning to attempt cake pops sometime soon. I tried making cake balls the other night but it turned out more like pudding mush. I want to make them with the students at the school I work at- they love to bake anything and are obsessed with any food served on a stick.
    however i understand family bias could obstruct justice in such a high-stakes giveaway, so let me just say HI!
    much love

  5. I have never baked anything in my life. Ever. Expect for once. I tried to bake brownies from the box and I only had olive oil in the house and I thought, "What's the difference!? All oils are the same!" . . . Turns out that, when you bake brownies from the box using olive oil, they turn into a flat, brown sheet of slime. And so, in conclusion: If I win this giveaway, I will not use olive oil to make cake pops.

  6. I also love Bakerella, but I'm hopeless to make cake pops! I'd also like to make them as small gifts for Christmas, so... thanks for the chance!
    ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

  7. I am amazed at the creative way Bakerella makes baking fun. I would love to share this with my little 4 year old buddy Rowan, who loves to come over to bake sweets. Now his sister is getting involved, she is only 2! It's never to early to start! And what a fun and exciting way to spend some quality time in the kitchen!
    Sue Moynihan