Friday, January 21, 2011

Back Breakingly Good Bacon Burgers

Rachel here.

It is my distinct pleasure today to introduce to you all for the first time the culinary stylings of my little brothers (ok, little they are not--and definitely not littler than me--but any older siblings out there know as well as I do that they'll always be my baby bros). The recipe they have to offer today is--no joke--a recipe for the best burgers I have EVER eaten (and this is coming from a girl who likes her beef and likes it bloody). Read and then head to the kitchen. You won't be sorry.

Gerrit here.

For the first time in two decades S and I are taking over the helm in the kitchen arena; be VERY afraid. Why, you ask? The menu for the evening is simply a turkey burger, complemented by turkey bacon. What's the worst that could go wrong? A charred bird?

Wrong. Try a flavor explosion in your mouth, one so powerful that the salivary glands on your tongue beg for mercy and an immediate reduction of flavor. I am, of course, speaking hyperbolically; however, the flavors are quite explosive by design, so enjoy and do not be afraid to stylize the recipe and make it your own!

Historically, we are both BIG fans of big-taste burgers. Over the years, from barbecues to fast food joints to fine-dining establishments, we have experimented and explored the wide variety of burgers out there. Our family, generally speaking, does not consume (and never has) red meat, not even the occasional burger. There is where I, and especially S, stray from the beaten path. I love beef burgers and often order one when out when presented the opportunity. S takes things one step further and is an appreciator of steaks, ribs and more, albeit rather infrequent consumption.

As mentioned the typical Reynolds household burger is of the turkey variety, and let's be real meat-eaters — it’s less flavorful than its beef counterpart. We desired to create a more flavorful burger experience, not only for ourselves, but for the beloved and beautiful cooks Janet and Rachel who have so selflessly cooked for us over the years. We decided to hit the grocery store and hit it hard; the following is the resultant beauty...

S here –
I played what could be considered the sous-chef role for most of the preparation of this meal, and will therefore give advice with regards to this side of the operation. My first words of wisdom: Be liberal in the siphoning of freshly-cooked bacon pieces for your personal supply. This is, after all, a deserved perk of being in charge of the single most delicious ingredient in the recipe.

I would also state the fairly obvious advice of trying to think a couple of steps ahead in the recipe (key with a gourmet platter like the B.B.G.B.B.) and try to anticipate what your head chef and burger master will need. Our family kitchen is on the smaller side, so the importance of keeping tasks going and ingredients flowing were evident very quickly to us.

Most of all have fun making this meal, though. I had a blast with G making this meal and I think it may be the first substantive thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen more than once. The whole idea is to treat yourself to a decadent, satisfying chowdown, and the more you enjoy creating your burger, the better it will taste. See for yourself!

Triple-Cheese Turkey Bacon Burgers avec Fried Egg
serves 4 (ridiculously large portions)

8-10 slices turkey bacon
2 lbs. ground turkey
1/2 lb. mild cheddar
1/2 lb. Sharp cheddar
1/2 lb mozzarella
4 oz. Crumbled Blue Cheese container (will last more than one meal)
4 eggs

Spices Used:
minced onions, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy, Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Worcester Sauce, EVOO

I did not measure out any spices or sauces, however, the following philosophy should clear up any confusion and also could be the motto for Rush Limbaugh's next hiring campaign: Apply liberally.

Put some EVOO in a big pan on your biggest burner, and warm skillet to a high level. When nice and hot, cook the bacon strips (think 2-3 strips per burger depending on bun-size) and keep warm in oven once cooked.

Depending on the residual amount of bacon fat left, add a little more EVOO.

While the bacon is cooking, or your sous-chef cooks the bacon, prepare the patties. I made each patty a half pound and did not regret it for a second. Patty preparation includes: spicing both sides of the burger with every spice mentioned. My personal approach involved a light coating of each spice, evenly distributed over the surface-area of side of the burger. For the onion and garlic, I did not apply to the patties, but rather spiced the bottom of the pan and let the burger juices cook in the two flavors.

Progress to date: Bacon cooked and warming, Patties prepared, time to cook the patties!

Cook patties on pan two at a time; get another pan going if you feel like it. Flip four-six times, each time noting how the meat is cooking and adjust accordingly. (An adjustment may include making a cut in the bottom of the patty to let in more heat and to allow the flow of juices when pressure is applied with a spatula.)

While burgers cook, toast and butter BOTH sides of the bun (otherwise the burger may fall apart heehee.)

Place patties on burger with a layer of each cheddar blanketing them. Place bacon strips on top of the cheddars, add mozarella on top of bacon, add crumbles of blue cheese on top of the mozzarella. Place in oven while eggs quickly cook.

Throw eggs on top of hot pan, fry them leaving yolk in tact, and place on top of Blue Cheese.

Dot the top of burger blood red with Frank's Red Hot Sauce and add ketchup as well.

Cut in half and enjoy the layered beauty that is the BBGBB!!!!

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  1. I endorse these burgers whole-heartedly. The boys have a bonanza. They also have a good time in the kitchen. We are still cleaning up. -Hamilton Burger (famous lawyer)