Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Preparation for the Super Bowl

Rachel here.

Ok, so I really don't care about football. Once the Eagles are out for the season (John's team) I get to stop dreading the Super Bowl and the potential for his very deep and meaningful investment (read: tense) in watching it and I get to start just getting excited about the excuse to eat food that, on a day to day basis, I feel obligated to curb my desire for.

Super Bowl.
What a great combination of words!
I am picturing a bowl...filled with something super.

Like hot wings...

or nachos.

Or--wait--better yet:

Hot wing nachos.

Yes, life really does get this good.

See, a few weeks back the most recent issue of the Food Network magazine arrived at our house. It had a pull-out booklet on 50 variations for nachos. John pulled it out and read aloud from it periodically, even going so far as to call it food porn. Clearly we were going to need to make nachos and pronto.

We tried the buffalo chicken version, omitting the celery because it just seemed gross to us. That's one down and 49 to go. Though I'm not entirely sure when the Super Bowl is (it's soon, though, right?) I can only hope that it gets here soon so we don't make our way through the whole list--you know, in the spirit of the season.

Don't these sound good? Read the list and let us know which variations on this tried and true classic sound best to you (or that you've tried). What do you do for the Super Bowl?


  1. Janet here:
    Some of these sounds scary, and I say this as a vegetarian. Butternut squash? That just sounds wrong. On the other hand, artichoke and spinach I could totally get excited about.

  2. I think the Chorizo-Manchego sounds good, also the Margerita ones. The eggs and bacon sounds gross, and I agree that the artichode and spinach sounds good. Deb G

  3. I love this blog. DebG.

  4. Thank you! We're having fun writing it too.