Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shortsand...or What Not to Do When You Make Shortbread

So Rachel and I are actually in the same house with the Divine Miss M and thought wouldn't it be lovely to make something together rather than virtually? I asked for shortbread because I've never made and LOVE it. I've never made it because it smacks of pie crust to me and we all know how well I do in that category. (Read about my phobia here and my feeble attempt to get past it at Thanksgiving here)

Anyway because I am such a shortbread fan and because S is as well, I figured we'd just double Uncle Bub's recipe. I mean more is always better right?

Sadly, as this photo will show, some recipes are not meant to be doubled apparently. What we ended up with is shortsand, not shortbread. It's edible but you need to stand over a plate or you will simply have disintegrated crumbs on your chest or the floor.

When my mom suggested we make shortbread together I was totally game. The recipe I usually make around the holidays is super easy and incredibly delicious so it seemed like the perfect thing to whip up together during M's nap. Though my mom revealed to me that she does indeed possess a standing mixer, we went at it together by hand this time for convenience (her mixer has collected roughly 23 years of dust in a cupboard in--of all places--the bathroom...she seems to have only used it one time and, in that one time, broken one of the attachments). I'm pretty sure this wasn't the problem, though. One of the things I learned in my years working in a restaurant kitchen is that not all recipes lend themselves to size alterations through simple doubling or halving of ingredients. For whatever reason, it just doesn't always work. Thinking we needed a double batch due to the number of interested eaters, we casually doubled the ingredients. Eeh....nope. My only real complaint is that the recipe didn't fail in terms of not being edible. This means that when we make it again tomorrow I'll find myself having consumed an obscene amount of butter and sugar. Somebody's gotta eat it all, right?

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