Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogs That Make Us Hungry: 80 Breakfasts

Janet here: While I love to eat out, no meal makes me feel more special, more decadent, than eating breakfast outside my house. I say this despite having eaten at some fabulous dinner spots and having eaten at a restaurant where there was basically a waiter for every person at our table — yes that would be a different waiter for each person.

I think the reason breakfast is so special for me is that A) I am not making it, B) I feel liberated to eat something I would never eat normally (and normal for me is yogurt, Stonyfield fat-free or Dannon coffee yogurt, with granola and flax seed, which is what I eat every day of the week EXCEPT when I eat breakfast out of my house and C) I am not making it. (Yes, I know I repeated A and C but it's an important point for someone who cooks most of the meals and has done so for nearly 30 years.

So I was intrigued by a blog called 80 Breakfasts for the obvious reasons: it's about my fantasy, ie that the author would come and make one of these 80 breakfasts for me at my house. While it's not just about breakfast — there's a seriously awesome recipe for chicken sauteed with cheese and milk that would work for just about any meal I can imagine — it's enough about breakfast to have me a champion. I mean there's a post about peanut butter and jelly oatmeal for God's sake. (And don't diss it until you read about this. I want to make it right. now.)

Anyway we like what we see here and hope you will check it out.

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