Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lobster Salad Anyone?

Janet here: Rachel and I had a whole debate about whether or not Meatless Mondays should be solely vegetarian or if we could include seafood. I clearly lost. Killing is killing, the new mother said to me even though I thought our point about Meatless Mondays was about eating in a smaller footprint, ie not supporting large beef industries and long travel time for food. (See post here if you're interested in how this got started.)

Anyway, Rachel is annoyingly right dammit so I put off the lobster salad post to today. I think you'll find it worth the wait. I actually served it as an appetizer with endive when friends came for dinner over the weekend. But the next day, I plopped it on my salad greens and had myself a delicious lunch. It would also make a lovely summer meal on a hot day on a toasted hot dog bun with some greenery. Enjoy!

Lobster Salad
serves 2 or 3 if a salad
makes about 12 appetizers if an appetizer

3/4 pound of cooked lobster (I'm lazy and I have a thing about killing lobsters myself so I bought mine cooked. If you're a hunter, go for it.)
1/2 cup or so diced celery
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon capers to taste
pepper to taste
1 plus tablespoons dill weed (less if you're using dried)

Dice up the lobster and celery. Mix the rest of the ingredients together. Chill and serve.

Rachel here: So, obviously one of the best things about this post is the fact that a dominant theme in it is that I'm right. While my mom and I are certainly bffs, we also share a propensity for loving to prove the other one wrong. I've never made anything with lobster, though I've certainly eaten my fair share. A few years ago John brought two live lobsters home and cooked them up for dinner. It was delicious and I bragged to all my friends about how awesome my boyfriend was. Though my mom (understandably!) opted not to kill her own lobsters, this salad still looks scrumptious. I will definitely have to make it sometime and, when I do, I'm thinking I'll pursue the appetizer route with it.

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