Friday, December 10, 2010

Festive Holiday Drinks

Hey Rachel

As you may or may not fully realize, I believe with all my heart that your father and I are perfect for each other. That doesn't mean we don't drive each other crazy sometimes, but we really do push each other to be the best people we can be and that, I think, is really wonderful (although sometimes, admittedly, more work than I care to do).

But one of the many ways in which we blend together seamlessly is in the meal arena. I make the food and he makes the drinks, and we both do our part equally well. Dinner chez Reynolds always means good food and good drinks, usually in copious amounts. I love that we're such a good team here and that people are likely excited to come to our home in part because they know they'll be well taken care of.

Further proof that your father and I are sympatico here is that we both believe in seasonality. Like the first sun-ripened tomato, there is something about a gin and tonic at the end of a hot summer day that is just perfect. It just doesn't taste the same in the winter and, in fact, doesn't appeal to me at all that time of year. But come the first warm day, and I crave a tall G&T. In winter, Peter is a Manhattan or martini man. Summer, rum and tonics are the way to go.

As a devoted G&T drinker, I was always envious of your father's winter libations. I wanted something to mark the seasons, too. I tried martinis — too much booze for me. It was the same with Manhattans. One wintry day, I told Peter how I wished I had a winter drink, too. A few minutes later, the Cranberry Corker appeared, and it was perfect. How lucky am I!

The red color makes it ideal for the holidays so I pass this along for anyone looking for a festive drink. Here's what Peter has to say:

For a festive auburn-tinted cocktail combining New England nature and south of the border sting, the traditional Cranberry Corker is made on the rocks with three parts Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, one part Rose's Lime Juice and one part cranberry juice, with a slice of lime. A sister libation, the Cranberry Manhattan, currently in research and development, is testing three parts Cuervo Gold, one part sweet vermouth and one part cranberry, with lemon or lime.Have one of each and get what you want for Christmas!

What's your favorite winter/holiday drink?

Hey Ma-

Oh man. Dad is just like, insanely cute. I'm glad you included his thoughts on the Cranberry Corker.

John and I are new to the booze scene. Ok, not new as in never drank before, but new as in for the bulk of our relationship the majority of the year has seen our house completely devoid of alcohol. We've just never been big drinkers and likely never will be. Plus, we have no social life (this is only kind of a joke), so we haven't had much reason to amass much alcohol, preferring instead to run out and buy some beer and wine when the occasion has seemed to call for it.

Needless to say, we love visiting you guys. We are well fed and enjoy receiving any drink concoction we can think of, turned out by Dad promptly and with aplomb. I know he joked about having taken bar-tending in college, but clearly the man paid attention.

Anyway, as of late we've had booze in the house. Yes, G receives partial credit for this development since he is a more regular drinker and stayed with us for a while. The person who really receives credit, though, is M. MAN--a baby can drive you to drink. Obviously this is relative (we are still far from drinking with any consistency). We have, I guess, just come to really appreciate the benefits of a glass of wine after a long day and sometimes something a bit stiffer.

This has led us to Dark and Stormies. When you guys came to visit last Dad made them for everyone. One of our friends mentioned that they're extra good with stout added. We didn't forget this and a few nights ago, M sound asleep, we gave this twist a shot.

Oh wow.

So good.

The ratio John's been making them with is (roughly) 1:1:2 rum:beer:ginger beer. I highly recommend you guys give them a try. Maybe we can make them for you in a few weeks when we visit?


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