Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank You and Happy Holidays

Almost a year ago, Dec. 31 to be precise, Rachel and I sat on the couch together and entered the blog world. Life Told in Recipes, something we'd been talking about for most of the year, was born.

When we started, we knew we'd be writing about food with some stories thrown in for good measure. We made a pact to post five days a week, Monday through Friday, a feat that we mostly accomplished. (We can be forgiven for taking some time off when the Divine Miss M, 2010's big surprise, was born!)

What neither one of us expected was how much we would learn about each other or how much readers — many of them complete strangers — would join in the conversation and share their lives and thoughts. It has been a wonderful, wonderful surprise and unexpected journey.

Thank you for sharing it with us. We're excited about LTIR in year two and have some ideas for changes and improvements. We'll be talking about them in person — together! — when Rachel, M and John make the trek eastward for the holidays.

So we'll be taking a week off from blogging, focusing instead on real time interaction. We hope you get to do the same with the people you love and, of course, that some good food is involved as well.

Happy Holidays, Peace to all in the new year, and, most of all, thank you.

Janet and Rachel

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