Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Random Assortment

Hey Ma-

Ok, so Susan has long been one of my heros, but after reading her recipe yesterday she somehow gained even higher stature. Remember when she got up from the dinner table, walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry, dug through the trash only to march into the dining room with the empty Cool Whip container held high over her head as she joyously proclaimed, "Ah-HA! I KNEW IT!"? If only you'd known then that she was the queen of culinary shortcuts. If only...I'm not knocking shortcuts, just admiring Susan for her endless hutzpah.

Anyway, completely unrelated...but you know, what I'm going to write about anyway...are two other food things.

First, in red white and Rachel fashion (do you remember the tv show the OC? yeah, I stole that joke from seth cohen from that show...and, incase you've never seen it, yes that is EMBARRASSING to admit), I immediately began reorganizing our entire house the second school was out for the semester. M's room is done and ours is most of the way there, but the kitchen--which isn't getting reorganized--has become the landing place for all of our things which are currently roomless. That meant burritos for dinner last night and tonight we're noshing on sausage. I'm pretty sure I don't need to share my recipe for incredible sausage cooking...

The second thing is that we're getting ready to come and see you. In true type-A fashion I've been neurotically considering everything M could ever possibly need on a plane, including provisions for the 3 day snow-in that I've decided (at your urging...ahem) to prepare for that will occur where our layover is. Needless to say, this doesn't include the homemade food we've been giving her.

And so now we're going jarred food and she's not particularly into it. I find myself feeling frustrated at the need to bring unopened jars through airport security, feeling overly regulated. I find myself thinking that food is such a site of control in our society, from its marketing to its very calculated revulsions (for instance, I'm pretty sure I didn't just decide one day never to eat produce grown with pesticides, but that that idea was marketed to me...egads, the infiltration is so subtle) to disordered eating. I've been thinking and thinking on this lately, turning it around in my brain. There's been no dramatic conclusion to this consideration, but I figured I'd share it today anyway. What do you all think?

Anyway, speaking of food, off to that delicious sausage...


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