Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Little Break...

Hey Ma-

I am so totally going to make Pop-pop's candy this year. I loved eating it growing up, ducking out into the cold to grab a piece after dinner (or after breakfast...or after lunch...) from the garage steps where you stashed it for cool and safe keeping. It is beyond delicious and I love the idea of bringing Pop-pop into our kitchen here, surrounding M with the smells that once surrounded him. Cooking really rejects linear temporality in some ways, doesn't it?

But anyway...

What I have to share with you today is something you will never make. It was pretty yummy, though, and so I have to share it. Plus, it's a welcome break from the general heaviness of holiday eating. This steak in teriyaki broth with vegetables dish manages to be both hearty and light at once and left John and me feeling full but not too much so. Plus, this is the first time EVER that I cooked a steak right which, in its own right, merits a mention here on the blog.

Click here for the recipe. It's super easy and I ate leftovers for days, including eating just the broth as a vegetable soup once the steak was gone.

I think, actually, the dish might be good with chicken. Why not, right?

Also, now I have this bounty of oyster sauce that I have NO idea what to do with. Have you ever used it? Any suggestions?

Alright. We're off to dinner with friends now.


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