Friday, December 17, 2010

To Nosh or Not to Nosh: That is the Question

Hey Rachel

While you've been in the middle of exams this week, I've been in the middle of having fun, specifically with my fabulous Nia ladies. Last night I hosted a post-Nia holiday gathering and we did something we all love. We noshed. Oh, and we drank just a little wine.

I set a picnic of sorts in the apartment, kind of mandatory anyway since I don't actually have enough chairs for everyone. I stopped by the co-op and picked up a bunch of cheeses and crackers, some guacamole and chips, olives, and some hummus. I also stopped by this great little Japanese restaurant and got some sushi. I laid it all out on the floor, lit the candles, put on some music and we were ready to go. The only food I prepared was the mjuk pepparkakor and Pop Pop's toffee.

It was just wonderful. We ate off paper plates and used our fingers and finished it all off with a Yankee swap of something we each regifted.

So here's the question: What is it about noshing that is so appealing, especially to women? I'd like to think it's because you get to taste more flavors than during a traditional dinner. I suspect, however, that it might have something to do as well with the fact that you feel as if you're not eating as much, and we all know how messed up far too many women are about that. I certainly know that's part of noshing's appeal for me.

So faithful readers, what do you think? Are you a nosher? If so, what do you like about it?

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  1. I am, indeed, and was grateful to attend the gathering mentioned above...for me the joy is in trying lots of different things, the stories behind some of the food, the passing of plates, and especially the community that forms in those "Ohh, you *have* to try this!" moments. Bliss.